Yoga as a Peace Practice

World peace is a priority of the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance™ (BYTA). Peace is achieved one individual, one family and one community at a time. BYTA saw a need for an intervention based on approaches that are self-healing, culturally relevant, and community-based, to address the traumas resulting from myriad forms of violence that undermine the mental health and physical well-being of individuals, families, and communities.   

Yoga As A Peace Practice® (YPP) training is customized to meet the unique needs of the communities that invite us. We offer a training designed to teach contemplative and restorative practices that cultivate resilience, inner peace, and well-being in individuals, families, and communities. It is available to yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, educators, health and wellness professionals and anyone interested in utilizing yoga as a pathway to peace.

YPP and UCF | Greenville, SC

BYTA was able to do something different with Yoga As A Peace Practice®. Thanks to our partnership with Here to Be/lululemon, BYTA extended the opportunity for 30 yoga teachers and community residents to attend our flagship training in contemplative practice and restorative yoga, August 5-7, 2022, in Greenville, SC.

YPP was BYTA’s first in-person event since 2019. It was hosted at Upstate Circle of Friends (UCF), a black-led nonprofit in Greenville that supports the local community with a variety of programs focused on education, employment, housing, and food sovereignty to support youth, veterans, and families. We owe deep gratitude to BYTA member Toya Y. Moore for extending the invitation to bring YPP to UCF. For the first time, we were able to bring our program right smack in the middle of a neighborhood located in a historically segregated community. Residents were invited to attend the YPP event at no cost.
We experienced the tremendous benefit of practicing and learning together. So, what did we do? We relaxed together. We reconnected. We found ease being in communion. We became a circle of friends. 


Yoga as a Peace Practice

YPP | St. Louis (Promo)



| Greenville 2022 |

| St. Louis 2019 |

| Yogaville 2018 |

| Kripalu 2017 |

| Oakland 2017|

The Black Yoga Teachers Alliance wants to take Yoga As A Peace Practice to communities impacted by violence across the U.S. Contact us at and invite us to your city. 

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