Yoga As A Peace Practice is . . .

A curriculum in contemplative practice
A social and cultural experiment
A psycho-spiritual experience
A new way of living
A recalibrated way thinking

The Yoga As A Peace Practice (YPP) is a curriculum designed to train yoga teachers, civic and social workers, and community members, to facilitate, create and introduce contemplative practices, rooted in the philosophical tenets of the niyamas, restorative and kriya yoga and culturally relevant themes, and to offer them in ways that are accessible to individuals and communities where trauma from violence exists.

The curriculum is the collaboration of yoga teachers Maya Breuer, Jana Long and Dr. Gail Parker, and are the core faculty of the Yoga As A Peace Practice training. A guest teacher is invited to join the faculty to comprise a four-person team for each training.

The Black Yoga Teachers Alliance wants to take Yoga As A Peace Practice to communities impacted by violence across the U.S. Contact us at and invite us to your city. 

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