Do you believe in magic?

Experience the magic of black yogis at our national, regional and local events! BYTA offers a rare opportunity to practice, learn and explore yoga with the most dynamic black yoga teachers in the world! Join us to celebrate, connect and collaborate in a space of freedom and acceptance. BYTA events provide a platform for our yoga teachers to elevate their unique voices and teach from an authentic experience in the broader yoga community.

BYTA National Conference

is focused on yoga education, professional development, community initiatives and creating support for our individual and collective endeavors. Learning Laboratory Intensives ranging from the art of teaching, writing, yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, restorative and therapeutic yoga, and Ayurveda, and much more, are taught by experienced teachers and innovative thought leaders. The conference timetable is bi-annual.

Yoga As A Peace Practice

(YPP) launched in 2017 as the first national initiative of the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance. YPP trains certified yoga teachers, professionals in health care, education, civic and social work, and community engagement, in a curriculum to facilitate contemplative practice to create resilience from the impact of violence on individuals and communities. Those trained in YPP become Peace Ambassadors who share and spread this dynamic curriculum in communities across the U.S.

Local and Regional Events

are organized to increase BYTA’s capacity to engage with yoga teachers in the mid-Atlantic area and Northeast corridor. These events are held in BYTA’s headquarter city — Baltimore, MD — an affordable travel destination and midpoint for teachers traveling from as far south as Atlanta and Boston from the north. BYTA also partners with local venues and yoga studios in the greater Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area for networking, educational and fundraising events. 

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